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If you have any questions about our web hosting, domain registration, email hosting, website tonight service in our data center 2, please click Frequestly Asked Questions in DC2 or Here.

Here are the answers to most of the questions that people ask about our service in data center-1. If you have a question that is not covered by this page please let us know and we will provide you with a personalized answer.

What is your spam or bulk e-mail policy?

We are sure that you will find our services some of the best, our servers one of the fastest, and our prices the lowest around. But:'s upstream providers have strict policies that prohibit all bulk e-mail/usenet posting. Any client found to be engaged in this activity will have his site removed from this network. PLEASE!!! Don't waste your money on bulk e-mail/usenet spams, save your site and your money. Don't Send Spam!!!

If you have a spam record or you want to send junk emails, donot register your hosting accounts here !!

We donot host spam friendly websites. If your domain receives too many junk emails, it means you own a spam friendly website. Please donot register your spam-friendly website here.

Do you support Perl5?

Yes. Now we support perl5.006.

Do you support Php4?

Yes, we support PHP4.

Do you allow ssi?       Go To Top

Yes, keeps every possible service open to it's clients. We believe that you need the flexibility and freedom to create.

Do you support ASP?

ASP only works well on Microsoft Servers, after a year a major issues and simply too much down time we have stopped adding new customers to our NT servers. We have no plans to support NT hosting at this time.

Do you support JSP and Java Servlets?

No, We donot support JSP and Java servlet any more.

Do you support Frontpage?       Go To Top

Yes, we will install frontpage for you if you require.

Do you support SSH shell Access, Cron jobs ?

No. We donot support shell access for virtual hosting accounts. We donot support cron jobs.

Do you support re-write modules?

Though we support rewrite module, we donot encourage our customers to use it. If you use rewrite modules, you cannot run re-write modules in more than one directories and cannot use the rules that exhause CPU resources. If you use too many rewrite modules, your httpd will be slow, and we have to disable your rewrite modules even your websites.

.htaccess is very complicated and its application is beyond the support scope.

Do you support IRC hosting?

No, We donot support any IRC software and any other chat software.

Do you support directory protection?      Go To Top

Yes. You have a link in your control panel to protect your directories. Create a group --> create users in the group ---> authorize the group to the directory.

Tell us your control panel

We use cpanel control panel. Demo: Cpanel webmaster Control Panel     Ensim user Control Panel

What is an alias ?

An alias is other domain added into your hosting account. One alias needs $1 per month. Any plan can hold unlimited aliases. Aliases can only be added one time.

Can unlimited alias become unlimited website?

No, all the aliases share the same ftp and email account and they point to the homepage of your primary domain. Aliases can only be added one time.

How many users and groups can I have?

Unlimited users and groups can be created in your control panel. Your user's website will be shown as

How many subdomains can I have?

You can have unlimited subdomains( ). A subdomain can work as an alias of main domain, an independent website, or be redirected to other website( alias ). If it works as an alias, you need to pay $12 per year; If it works as an indepent website, you need to buy a new hosting plan.

Silver paln can have one free subdomain, Gold plan can have two, Platinum1 plan can have three, platinum2 can have 5, and platinum3 plan can have upto 10 free subdomains.

How many ftp accounts can I have?

Unlimited, you can create one ftp account for one user. But you are not allowed to distribute or sell your FTP account to others.

Do you provide unique IP?

No, we donot provide any unique IP for virtual hosting users. However, we will provide you unique IP if you need your own SSL installed.

What if I go over my disk space?      Go To Top

we will contact you and let you know that you need to buy more space or upgrade. We will not charge you extra fees without first allowing you to correct the problem.

How is my extra bandwidth fee charged?

We check your bandwidth statistics at the beginning of every month and notify you to pay us if you have extra bandwidth used. The extra bandsidth fee is charged at 1.0USD per GB.

The extra bandwidth fee will be debited from your credit if you fail to pay us.

your uptime ?

more than 99.9%

Why my website cannot be shown on the Internet ?

Three main reasons:
  • You didnot change your DNS to ours
  • Your domain has expired
  • Your ISP/network has a problem

How many and what kinds of email accounts you support?      back to the top

Unlimited email accounts. We support pop3, smtp email accounts and webbased emails. The email maximum file size is 1MB. But you are not allowed to distribute or sell your email accounts to others. You are not allowed to subscribe to a spammer' newsletter with your email accounts.

If you have more than ten employee in your company/business, please register a platinum 2 and above plan to assign email accounts to your employee.

If you are an Internet Access Provider, please register a normal semi-dedicated server and above plan for your single website to assign email accounts to your customers.

If you have more than twenty employee in your company/business, please register a normal semi-dedicated server and above plan for your single website to assign email accounts to your employee.

Can I use a program to fetch my emails?

You are not allowed to fetch your emails too frequently ( within every ten minutes ) because you occupy too much resources.

How can I upload the files into your servers?

Three ways
  1. FTP clients.
  2. File Manager in your control panel
  3. Microsoft Frontpage

Support international domain names like .de .nu .ca .cn .hk and .se?

Yes, you can host any domain name that you would like with

How long does it take to setup my new account?

If we receive your information before 6PM on a business day your account will be setup in a matter of a very few hours. Orders received after that time will be setup within 8 hours. You can see your website online at the moment we setup your account. We can only set up your web hosting account when you have registered your domain name. We will phone you if you register a domain hosting package so we can not guarantee domain hosting set up time.

How long does it take to get a domain working?       Go To Top

This part of the setup process is out of our control, on average a new domain registered in our website should be working in less than 24 hours, a domain that is moving to take about 48 hours on average. In any case if your domain is not working in 72 hours you should contact tech support for an update.

How do I transfer my domain to your server? ( How can my website be shown on the net ? )

When you buy a hosting account with us, the first thing you need to do is to transfer your domain's DNS ( name servers ) to ours.

  • If you register your domain in our website and chose as your hosting provider, your domain has parked our servers automatically
  • If you register your domain in other websites, you need go to your domain registration websites, login and change your name servers to ours.

If you want to transfer your domains to our domain registration websites, you can do it yourself by clicking our domain registration websites . It spends $7.75USD but includes one year extension.

We are domain wholesaler, and we sell the domain at the Minimum Sale Price set by our upstream.     Our price is the cheapest in the planet.

Can I have a website without my own domain?

No, you are not allowed to host your website without your domain. You are not allowed to promote your websites or link to your websites using our IP or our servers' hostname though you can preview your websites with our IP and hostname when we enable your websites.

Can I change my domain name after you create my web hosting account?

Yes. Normally we add your web hosting account after your domain has been registered. You still have the chance to change your domain name, but you need to pay 10USD one-time setup fee for the domain name changing.

Do you charge other fees?       Go To Top

No, doesn't charge any other hidden fee, and we don't even store your card number. We invite famous card processing companies (CLICKBANK & Paypal) to process credit cards for us, and they don't store card number either. We can keep the lowest price because of our low cost.

Do you support adult websites?

Yes, we support all kinds of lawful and non-spam websites.

How can I preview my website?

You can preview your website http://IP/~username

How can I get your support

Your control panel has very detail help files, and we have prepared helpdesk websites to help you manage your websites. We will give you your control panel info and helpdesk websites as soon as you have finished your registration.

We are always available to help you by emails. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Normally we will answer your emails within 2 hours. contacting us or Submit Ticket.
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